Scripts and Binaries

This depends on the stack component:

Component name Contains scripts and binaries ?
nmon-for-splunk No
PA-nmon_light No
TA-nmon Yes
TA-nmon-hec Yes


The core front-end application does NOT contain any kind of script or binary.


The Support Add-on does NOT contain any kind of script or binaries.

Technical Addons

The Technical Add-on contains various scripts and binaries:

Additional tools

Customizer script

  • resources/

This Python script (must be uncompressed before execution) is a tool provided to execute different kind of automated customizations, such as restricting the application purpose to a given operating system for instance. (hide AIX and Solaris)

Detailed documentation: Customize the Application

Create agent script

  • available in the Git repositories:

This Python script is a tool provided to create different version of the TA-nmon technical addon.

For example, you can use it to create a specific TA-nmon version for your critical production servers, and another version for your non production servers.

Each of the TA-nmon version would have its own parameters, such as the indexes, the data accuracy (interval between measures), etc.

Detailed documentation: Create multiple TA packages

Study of usage: 01 - Splitting index for different users populations